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Move Right Therapy

Dog Floor

Dog Floor

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Uses circulation stimulation technology to prevent injury, accelerate healing and enhance performance



Easy to use, effective and affordable

Once introduced dogs find treatments to be enjoyable, relaxing and beneficial to :-

: Prevent injury with regular use

: Speed healing (on average by 50%)

: Improve joint health & function

: Increase bone density

: Accelerate recovery in working and competition dogs

: Prevent cramping

: Reduce swelling & inflammation

: Enhance performance

: Enhance overall well-being

: Increase range of motion

: Helps tone & strengthen muscles

: Releases endorphins


Improved circulation means better oxygenation of the tissues, removal of toxins and of metabolic waste. In turn it enhances the bodies ability to heal itself drug free


Benefits of using for :-


Warm up

Increases blood flow throughout the dogs entire body to help ‘wake up’ the muscles in preparation for exercise and help prepare the muscles for action

Helps thin synovial fluid to optimally serve the joint allowing easier flow to be able to provide the joint with optimal protection


Cool down

Can be administered immediately after the event or competition used to decrease muscle soreness and/or cramping aiding in faster return to training after competition. Aids the dog In recovering from activity by flushing out lactic acidosis build up, reducing muscle soreness and re-establishing range of motion and blood flow to tight muscles


Speed healing

Enhances healing in a plethora of injuries and conditions from bone fractures, tendon injuries, ligament injuries, open wounds, swelling, abscess, cellulitis,Lumphymgitis and much more.

The basic principle is aiding and speeding the bodies natural ability to heal itself

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