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Move Right Therapy

Human Floor

Human Floor

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There are many great benefits from introducing our floors into anyones weekly routine or professional training program from preventing injury, enhancing performance, speeding recovery and improved overall health and wellbeing with regular use.

Our floors are not only beneficial in the prevention of injury but are used to aid speed and quality of healing in injuries.

Our unique circulation stimulation technology uses low intensity vibration (no aggressive shaking up and down or side to side) to create a G force effect causing involuntary muscle contractions throughout the body increasing blood flow.


Proper circulation is key for maintaining optimal health. It ensures that blood and oxygen continuously flow throughout the body, allowing every organ to function properly. It helps to heal wounds faster, it keeps your brain sharp, it keeps your heart healthy, and it even gives your complexion a natural flush.


Circulation can also affect the immune system, as certain blood cells, carried by the bloodstream, help to fight infection,”


mechanical effects of blood flow have anti-inflammatory properties.


Improved blood flow not only supplies the muscle with FRESH blood and oxygen, it also effectively carries away the muscle's waste back to the kidneys.

Better waste management leads to faster recovery times, less soreness after a workout, and overall improved tissue health.


Muscles and tendons generally heal the fastest. These parts of the body recover more quickly thanks to an ample blood supply.


When you injure a bone, muscle or tendon, the platelet cells in the blood are the first responders arriving on the scene to quickly start healing. White blood cells also rush to the injury site to ward off infection, control inflammation and become the clean-up crew


Improved circulation means better oxygenation of the tissues, removal of toxins and of metabolic waste. In turn it enhances the bodies ability to heal itself drug free


The idea of using vibration for health benefits dates back to ancient Greece, but the concept of whole body vibration transitioned from unproven concept to serious science when the Russian space program used it to simulate the weight of gravity for astronauts who would otherwise lose muscle tissue and bone density while living in space’s zero-gravity atmosphere. 

It’s also believed that Russian athletes used WBV therapy to improve performance for their Olympic athletes in the 1980s. While professional athletes have been using vibration for years to enhance performance, this therapy is beneficial for anyone at any age who is interested in improving their health.


Our suitcase sized floors are designed for single person use and are easily Portable.

Bespoke options are also available and can be designed and priced to suit your needs eg physio bed


The floors are self lubricating with regular use so require no maintenance and can have up to 40,000 hours of work. Economical to run ( less than 20p per hour) and can also be run from a leisure battery and inverter. It’s versatility allows are floors to be implemented in many ways from gym, house or even pitch side. All floors come with 18 month warranty


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