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Move Right Therapy

Synovium® Myocare-E – Advanced Muscle Support 4.5kg

Synovium® Myocare-E – Advanced Muscle Support 4.5kg

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MYOCARE-E supports muscle physiology in three ways with its NEW FORMULA

  1. HMB supports muscle health and development
  2. Beta alanine supports muscle recovery
  3. Aids muscle endurance & energy required by all horses in exercise.

Myocare-E has an advanced proven formula which has been developed by our leading vets on the latest scientific trials. Contains 2000 IU Vitamin E per daily scoop.


Horse: add 1 scoop 25 g to the feed daily

Pony: add 1/2 scoop 12.5 g to the feed daily

Foals: only if advised by a vet and using veterinary guidelines only. Not recommended to foals before they are eating hard feed.

Measuring scoop of 30 ml contains 25 grams.


Store below 25 ° C. Do not store in the freezer

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