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Synovium Hippochol Liver

Synovium Hippochol Liver

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Synovium® Hippochol supports healthy liver & kidney function. The liver is essential for a horse to stay optimally healthy. Aiding in optimal metabolism and breaking down of toxins.

A detox combats the effects of stress and environmental factors your horse is exposed to on a daily basis. Synovium understands this, developing Hippochol to ‘reset’ the entire body.

HIPPOCHOL Choline is the semi essential ingredient needed for the production of lecithine (animal cell membranes) and acetylcholine (neurotransmitter). Hippochol provides the correct levels of choline and methionine to support liver function recovery.

1 Litre


Horse and pony: add 100 ml to the feed daily, feed for 10 days.

Not suitable for foals

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