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Synovium Hoof Health

Synovium Hoof Health

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Synovium® Hoof Health is a dietary supplement specially formulated by our vets to support the horses hooves. The supplement contains the ingredients Biotin, Zinc and Copper to support the growth, quality and hardness of the hooves.

The hoof wall of the horse consists of, among other things, Keratin, a mix of complex proteins. Keratin ensures the strength of the hoof wall and has a low moisture content. Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7, supports the production of Keratin and thus the quality of the hooves. Also, the addition of Biotin supports hoof growth.

Research has shown that continuous addition of Biotin has a positive significant effect on hoof quality, especially in horses with poor hoof quality (Josseck et al., 1995).

Zinc and Copper are two trace elements that are important for the quality and structure of the hooves. Zinc is an important element for the construction and maintenance of hoof wall cells and the keratinization process, or cornification of the hooves.

Copper is important for the production of enzymes that are important for the formation of keratin strands that make up the hoof wall. Copper in combination with zinc ensures that the fats in the horse’s hooves are protected against damage, which can lead to dehydration of the hoof. A deficiency of these trace elements can lead to brittle dry hooves.

Amino acids from the diet are important for the production of Keratin. Healthy Hoof contains the essential amino acid Methionine, which is used in the body to produce the amino acid Cysteine. Cysteine contributes to the strong structure of Keratin, which has an effect on the quality and hardness of the hoof.

The amounts of Biotin, Zinc and Copper in this supplement are based on studies that have shown that the addition of at least 30mg Biotin, 20mg Copper and 100mg Zinc for a 600kg horse has a positive significant effect on the quality, hardness and growth of the hooves ( Jančíková et al., 2012).

As the horse’s hooves grow gradually, it is important to supplement hoof health for at least 9 months for optimal results and long lasting results.

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