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Synovium Immunomodulator

Synovium Immunomodulator

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Synovium® Immunomodulator contains a high-quality equine probiotic yeast, which improves the function of the immune system. Therefore, this veterinary proven supplement, positively influences a healthy intestinal flora and the hindgut microbiome.

It contains Brewers’s Yeast which acts to maintain a healthy hindgut, digestion and droppings.

It is a natural source of a wide range of B vitamins, high quality amino acids and provides the minerals, copper and zinc required for a healthy gut.

Scientifically proven against the effects of stress, behavioural issues, anxiety, mareishness and travelling.

Immunomodulator contains Bentonite, a natural clay from volcanic ash to support your horse’s intestinal system and to eliminate nasty toxins. This clay is negatively charged and is known for being highly absorptive, with its ability to bind to and draw out heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides & bacteria, thereby eliminating them from your horses body.

Kieselgur E551c is added, a natural source of silicon. This trace element is mainly found in the connective tissue cells of the skin, hair, and cartilage, but cannot be produced by the body itself. Diatomaceous Earth is great if you want to supplement your horses nutrition as it is full of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It can be great to boost hoof and coat condition as well as support parasite control.

Minerals & B Vitamins support healthy skin, gut, coat condition, and hooves. Whilst helping to aid the nervous system during stress and anxiety.

Suitable for horses suffering from digestive upset and loose or watery droppings.


Previous research shows that the use of this high-quality probiotic yeast results in the increase of immune system indicators, leading to increased immune system activity.

Studies in horses have shown that brewer’s yeast has an anti-inflammatory effect and provides support to the intestinal flora when dysbiosis occurs, for example due to changes in diet / forage. Horses with dysbiosis may exhibit some of the following symptoms; digestive disturbances, poor condition, behavioural changes, and inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract.

Feed alongside our veterinary Gastrosafesupplement for horses with ulceration or previous history of gastric upset.


Immunomodulator available as 1.8kg or 5.4kg

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