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Synovium Lactaplus powder

Synovium Lactaplus powder

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Synovium Lactaplus is an advanced veterinary formula for muscle energy and recovery to deliver top performance for longer. Lactaplus contains the latest innovative antioxidants like lipoic acid. During stress and hard exercise, the oxidation process speeds up producing an increase in free radicals which break down body cells. Lipoic acid is a potent nutrient that neutralises free radicals and protects the body’s cells. Lipoic acid is fat and water soluble, therefore works throughout the entire body.

Other components like B vitamins in Lactaplus facilitate the biological reactions from which energy in harnessed. Delivering top performance for longer with quicker recovery time. Synovium Lactaplus is therefore an advance muscle recovery supplement for horses.

When given before strenuous activity, Lactaplus ensures your horse’s body has what it needs to perform and helps reduce lactic acid build up in muscle fibres.

Horse Muscle Recovery Supplement – Synovium Lactaplus Sachets for Competition


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