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Synovium Linseed Oil

Synovium Linseed Oil

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SYNOVIUM LINSEED OIL for horses nourishes from the inside out. A rich source of Omega 3 (an essential fatty acid) and balanced Omega 6 for optimal skin, coat, digestive, respiratory & joint health.

Our cold pressed Linseed oil for horses is a 100% pure oil, derived from the first pressing. It supports metabolism whilst contributing to the optimal functioning of the stomach and intestines. Ideal for horses who easily loss condition.

Natural oil is a safer form of energy for horses than cereals which are high in starch. Cereals can be harsh on the hindgut causing discomfort and resistance. Whereas the horse’s gut can extract nutrients from pure oils much easier.

Omega 3 may support horses with Equine Asthma Syndrome.

Cold pressed means no extra heat is used in the process of extracting the oil, meaning the high-quality oil is retained.

First pressing means the only the oil extracted from the first pressing is used, providing the purest Linseed Oil. Where quality is not lost through multiply processes, often seen in many other cheap brands.

Synovium Linseed Oil contains nothing in its formula that contravenes competition rules.


5 Litre Bottle ( 84 day supply )

Linseed Oil for Horses

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