Uses circulation stimulation technology to prevent injury, accelerate healing and enhance performance



Easy to use, effective and affordable

Once introduced horses find treatments to be enjoyable, relaxing and beneficial to :-

: Prevent injury with regular use

: Speed healing (on average by 50%)

: Improve joint health & function

: Increase bone density

: Accelerate recovery in competition horses

: Prevent tying up

: Reduce swelling & inflammation

: Enhance performance

: Enhance overall well-being

: Increase range of motion

: Helps tone & strengthen muscles

: Releases endorphins


Improved circulation means better oxygenation of the tissues, removal of toxins and of metabolic waste. In turn it enhances the bodies ability to heal itself drug free


The floor dimensions are :-

3.3ft x 7ft giving the horses plenty of room and are Approximately 6.5 inches high just a small step up or alternatively they can be sunk into the ground.

Bespoke floors can be made on request and are priced individually